SPECIfic medium

In the summer of 2021, POL Polloniato was invited by Venice Venice Hotel to examine a finding of clay soil in the foundations of Palazzo Ca 'Da Mosto. 500 years of underwater history have imbued the clay with its plastic characteristics and indescribable beauty of nuances.

Site SPECIfic works are a functional and conceptual metamorphosis of clay, of "rediscovered earth" that becomes a testimony of history and contemporaneity. The footprints of history re-emerge through the fusion of earth and glass, linked by the primordial element of fire. A time extended by centuries that finds itself in an instant frame in which the viewer becomes the protagonist.

Type: Mirror
Dimensions: 120 H x 100 W cm
Material: Sedimented clay from the foundations of the Palazzo Ca' Da Mosto, mirror
Date: 2021